The Secrets of Gloomrot update overhauls and expands the way castle-building works in V Rising, and provides many new options for designing the ideal vampire home. Here’s a checklist of construction tips to ensure all castles are running as efficiently as possible.

Location, Location, Location

V Rising Location

The first step towards building the perfect castle is laying the foundation. The Castle Heart can be placed anywhere on the map, but certain areas offer various advantages. The newly updated map now clearly shows all raised plateaus possible to claim for a castle.

Initially, at least, it’s best to choose a central location in the starting area of Farbane Woods, particularly those situated in a central location. The surrounding area should be rich in basic resources like wood and stone, and can be plundered freely. However, it’s smart also to leave an avenue of shady trees leading down the ramps out into the wider world.

Shut Up Shop

Make sure to fully enclose all workstations in the castle in V Rising, which gives a healthy 25% bonus to the rate of production, greatly reducing crafting times. Using the right floor type for each workstation provides an additional 25% bonus for the quantity of materials produced. 

Bigger is Better

V Rising Bigger is Better

Keep expanding the castle whenever there are sufficient resources to do so. It’s a good idea to enlarge rooms to make way for multiple workstations of the same type; two furnaces will produce ingots twice as quickly as one, as an example. Better yet, set up specialized furnaces to keep things running effectively.

The Only Way is Up

With additional floors now possible, efficiency is the name of the game. Dedicate floors to specific types of production, with the upper floors home to less-frequented workstations like the castle throne, library and servant coffins. 

By defeating the level 60 boss Domina the Blade Dancer, players can start utilizing teleporters to make it much quicker to move through a complex castle.

Hired Help

Every castle in V Rising needs a servants’ quarter and a dungeon. Complete the Lord of the Manor quest to gain access to dominated humans using servant coffins. 

Servants can be dispatched around the map to collect resources and have unique stats, making them better suited to certain jobs, so it’s useful to recruit several different types to maximise their talents while giving them the right gear for the job.

Blood Cells

Captured humans can be imprisoned in prison cells unlocked by defeating Vincent the Frostbringer. Prisoners provide a ready supply of blood, but must be kept alive by feeding them rats, and occasionally fish to lower their misery meter. It’s crucial to fill cells with prisoners with high-quality blood from a range of different types to save time, especially in the mid-late game.

Give It A Name

V Rising name

Label everything. When interacting with a workstation or storage chest, edit the name to describe what it does or what it contains. The new name displays on approach, saving the need to open every chest in a room to find what’s needed.

Grow A Garden

The castle exterior in V Rising can be just as important as the inside. Plant seeds and grow gardens to provide a ready supply of materials for crafting and potions. Tombs also provide another useful source of flowers and other materials.

Make It Look Good

Secrets of Gloomrot also adds a host of additional customization choices to spruce up even the gloomiest castle. From colored lighting to curtains, garden archways and benches, there are now many more ways to tailor the castle to taste. In the end, the best castle is one a vampire wants to call home.

Explore, Adapt and Survive in a New Open-World Survival RPG

Level Infinite, a gaming brand dedicated to delivering high-quality games to a global audience, and LightSpeed Studios, one of the most successful and innovative game developers in the world, welcome survivors to Undawn. The free-to-play open-world survival RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a companion PC version available on Steam and the official website.

In Undawn, players must work together with other survivors in a world overrun by the infected. The game combines PvP and PvE experiences as players fend off dual threats of the shambling hordes and opposing humans in a fight to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland.

Built using the Unreal Engine, Undawn transports survivors to a huge seamless environment filled with distinct terrains and ecosystems. Utilizing a robust free building system that encompasses more than 1,000 types of furniture, items and structures, players will need to work together to build their homesteads and establish a new civilization.

“With Undawn, the team took on an ambitious mission to create an open-world RPG that would redefine the survival genre,” said Anthony Crouts, Sr. Director of Marketing for Level Infinite. “We’re excited for players to get to experience their vision come to life and truly immerse themselves in this massive post-apocalyptic adventure.”

During their daring adventure, players will encounter legendary survivor Trey Jones played by global movie star Will Smith. Trey will act as a guide to help other survivors navigate the world four years after a global disaster. To endure the fight against the infected, the survivors have split into different factions, each with their own rules of survival. As a member of the storied Raven Squad, players must face off against members of the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers for territory, and make it through some of the darkest nights until the next sunrise.

Comprehensive product line-up demonstrates commitment to company values

Press Release: Tencent Games is focused on strengthening its underlying technologies and enhancing its teams’ expertise, the company said at SPARK 2023.

A focus on the future underpinned Tencent Games’ unveiling of upcoming projects aimed at the China market at its annual SPARK conference.

During the online conference, Tencent Senior Vice President Steven Ma discussed the emergence of ChatGPT and the potential the technology represents. He likened it to the ever-growing and symbiotic relationship between game development and the latest technology that has made it possible for innovative leaps.

Steven Ma SPARK 2023

“Driven by the growing and evolving needs of users, games have always embraced and applied the most cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements in a timely manner. The flipside is also true: Games represent a powerful driving force for AI and technological development,” said Ma.

“We firmly believe that games are like a digital oasis, where leading technologies converge, not only making the industry more vibrant, but also making the world a better place.”

Elevating the Gaming Experience

Tencent Games used the SPARK event to provide updates on 15 previously announced titles, including Honor of Kings, Arena Breakout, Moonlight Blade, SYNCED, Alchemy Stars, and more, while also unveiling 20 new projects, including Honor of Fight and Ash Echoes, in the pipeline. Those additions to the games line-up further cement the company’s position as a leading light in the country’s games sector.

The commitment to ensuring that the games being created are technologically advanced, visually stunning, of top quality and representative of the values of Tencent Games was a centerpiece of this year’s event.

Honor of Fight, developed by TiMi Studio Group, is a platform fighting mobile game under the Honor of Kings IP universe. The narrative sees heroes from different time and space entering a dark world formed by their own consciousness, where players will catch a glimpse of the other side of the Honor of Kings heroes through a brand-new battle experience.

SYNCED is a sci-fi shooter developed by NExT Studios. Set in a dystopian future, players assume the role of a Runner who battles dangerous entities known as Nanos within the confines of the Meridian, a sealed exclusion zone. The game features both PvE and PvP matches, and players can utilize their skills to defeat the Nanos before taming and weaponizing them against enemy forces. With an emphasis on enhancing squad strength and weaponry upgrades, players must fight for their fortune as they navigate through an unforgiving battlefield.

Alchemy Stars, developed by Tourdog Studio, is a strategy RPG mobile game with exquisite aesthetic design and unique line-connecting gameplay. Since its launch overseas in June 2021, Alchemy Stars has quickly become one of the hottest anime-style games of the year. It boasts gorgeous art created by over 150 artists, in addition to innovative and engaging gameplay. The game has topped the download charts in App Stores and Google Play across multipe markets. It has also won two major awards at the 2021 Google Play Awards, including “Best Game” and “Most Innovative Game”. Alchemy Stars will be launched in Mainland China on June 13, and a new PV was revealed at the conference. The PV provides a glimpse of the six major factions’ varied worldviews and introduces new Chinese-style content that incorporates cultural elements.

Ash Echoes is an anime-style real-time tactics game with character-collecting play focusing on tactical planning rather than operating. Ash Echoes constructs a youthful and brand-new world outlook and endows the well-known characters in Gujian world with new personas and identities, which will further expand the influence of Gujian Series, and enhance the brand value. In the game, players can think about tactical strategies, explore and clear levels, and collect characters in an immersive experience.

Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges With Tech

The SPARK 2023 conference also allowed Tencent Games to highlight the other avenues where the company is exploring game-related technology for other related applications.

MTGPA Haptics

Tencent Games CROS, Tencent Institute of Games, and Tencent Intellectual Property Department have collaborated with Peacekeeper Elite(Game for Peace) to create the industry’s first standardised game vibration tactile feedback system. The joint team led the development of the first tactile feedback industry standard and promoted it to become the first IEEE international standard.

Room 301 NO.6

Room 301 NO.6 SPARK 2023

Tencent SSV Silver Hair Technology Lab and Tencent Games’ Social Value Exploration Center jointly launched Room 301 NO.6, a first-person narrative gaming experience that allows users to experience, feel, and understand the lived experience of patients with Alzheimer’s. The product received incubation support from the Tencent Institute of Games and also won the Social Value Award at the 2022 GWB Independent Game Awards.

Tencent Coding Visual Simulation Lab

Tencent Coding Virtual Simulation utilizes game technology to transform high-quality physical hardware robots into software through virtual simulation technology, greatly reducing the cost of robot programming education. This makes it possible for young children to learn robot programming through virtual simulation and provides more imaginative space for hardware programming, thus promoting the universalization of information technology and artificial intelligence education.

Pavlov: Brain’It On

Pavlov: Brain’It On SPARK 2023

Co-developed by Tencent Games’ Social Value Exploration Center, NExT Studios and Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI), Pavlov: Brain’It On from Tencent Games explores the methodology behind developing a game that applies the result of clinical research to become a real-life solution. With dozens of different mini-games, the experience will help players exercise various cognitive capacities, such as attention, thinking speed, memory, inductive reasoning, and spatial imagination.

With Level Infinite and developer NExT Studios‘ companion-based looter shooter SYNCED set for a summer PC launch in 2023, the community has been eager to find out what’s next in store for the game other than the planned console release that will follow. To address these concerns, Creative Director Clark Yang has utilized the latest SYNC Up to answer some of the more pressing questions about SYNCED, as well as the feedback from its Open Beta testing back in December.

“We learnt that the game works, the main structure, the progression system, and especially between the PvP and PvE, we found out that a lot of players play both modes and they enjoy the different dynamics between those two modes,” Yang said of the findings compiled by the team. Players have been diving deep into the progression mechanics, coming up with strategic and optimized builds powered by different mods in order to enhance their combat capability and overall power, a promising sign that SYNCED will have enough depth to keep players busy.

NExT Studios Drops New SYNCED Update & Community Q&A

To further improve on that, SYNCED will also be tweaking the Runner mod progression to be deeper and more interesting, with further additions in the form of the Guntech weapons and armband lines. The former makes it possible for players to focus on upgrading one specific weapon to make it more powerful and useful, creating a lynchpin in the arsenal, whereas the latter expands the flexibility for players to add more attributes to the Runner and the Nano.

A key takeaway from the testing for SYNCED has also led to a new feature called Nano Leap, which essentially allows players to navigate across a distance of about 30m in a flash using their Nano, making it easier for repositioning and quick getaways both in PvP and PvE.

NExT Studios Drops New SYNCED Update & Community Q&A

While work continues to polish SYNCED for its eventual release, Yang was also on hand for a Q&A, which interested players can check out below:

After months of tantalizing teases and reveals, Stunlock Studios is ramping up the festivities for V Risings one-year anniversary by showcasing the full gameplay trailer for its first major content update, Secrets of Gloomrot. Set for a May 17 release, players can look forward to a plethora of new content to sink their fangs into, including improved castle building, expanded combat
mechanics, and significant changes to the world map, especially with the addition of the new Gloomrot biome.

As one of the larger regions available in the game, Gloomrot is home to a new breed of danger that players will have to overcome to gain access to new powers. Mutated experiments and mechanical wonders alike roam the lands, spawned from the twisted ways of the Trancendum, and hunting down those that lord over the lands will pave the way to control the power of lightning and the improved technology in tow.

Players can benefit from the evolved combat system, with gameplay made more diverse with new weapon types, a new spell school, and the jewel system that allows for spells to be modded to suit any playstyle in Secrets of Gloomrot.

“Almost every spell has been changed in some way to better align them with their identity, and make each school feel more unique from one another. Adding in the sixth spell school is another layer of that variety, and then the Jewel system adds a much-desired layer of customization to the entire package to add more possibilities, and also bring players closer to their individual character fantasies,” shared Community Manager Jeremy Fielding.

It will all come in handy as the world of Vardoran undergoes a facelift, with new points of interest to visit, visual updates, new items, and enemy types. Players will also encounter 13 additional V Blood bosses and 30 new enemy types, all ripe for the taking. It is not just the action and adventure that will delight the masses, as gameplay following the arrival of Secrets of Gloomrot also brings improvements to castle building in the form of multiple floors, territories, and new customization options.

“Building multiple-story castles has always been something that was on our wishlist, but the sheer scale of difficulty in adding it as a feature made us hesitant when there are so many great things we could be adding to the game. It was a relief to see that players also shared that desire with us, and gave us the courage to pursue it even if we weren’t entirely sure it would be possible,” explained Fielding.

“So it was also a bit scary. After a serious labor of love, however, it worked out and we were able to do it! The process has been extremely difficult and there were many challenges, and seeing the fruits of that labor be so appreciated by the players already is a really nice experience. We truly can’t wait to see what our Vampires are capable of when they get their hands on it, because what we’ve already seen has been mind-blowing.”

Secrets of Gloomrot will be launching for V Rising this May 17, and players can learn more by visiting the official website.

As a studio known for its strong narrative roots in gameplay, YAGER has always placed a significant emphasis on storytelling in its games. It’s abundantly clear why Spec Ops: The Line resonated heavily with players, with its portrayal of the horrors of war a strong message to send. But with The Cycle: Frontier, the team is taking on another storytelling challenge, this time with the players taking on a bigger role.

“We basically started with the idea of making a game about social emergent gameplay. So you have a plan, you drop down to the surface, and then something happens, and it changes your plan; it’s something you didn’t, maybe expect,” said Jonathan Lindsay, Executive Producer of The Cycle: Frontier.

“That’s something that we really wanted to achieve, that it’s not just really compelling to play, let’s be dramatic, but also to watch, we call it tense uncertainty, I guess any good suspense movie or a thriller is really about this. For that to happen. You just need enough variables in your game. And it needs to be unpredictable. And it needs to be a certain amount of predictability. So you can make a plan. But then, you know, it needs to be able to go awry.”

And things going awry in The Cycle: Frontier is what makes the game infinitely replayable in every match. Prospectors could be scavaging resources before being stumbled upon by another player, resulting in a PvP encounter. On another occasion, the newcomer might turn out to be the helping hand needed to take down a boss. The possibilities are out there for players to find and experience.

What has not changed is the YAGER experience, which Lindsay described as “always been about shooting,” this time delivered in a package of “social emergent gameplay” that is “jam-packed with drama” and “high stakes,” this is the immediate direction of a studio that is looking to make a mark in the genre with The Cycle: Frontier.

The Social Emergent Gameplay at the Heart of The Cycle Frontier

“We are a smaller studio, and we looked at ourselves as someone who can fill a niche where it’s not, you know, a huge, huge, huge AAA game production with 1000 people, 500 people. And I think we’ve got a lot of really amazing talent as well that makes that possible. But for us, it’s been more about looking at niches that are maybe not fully exploited yet, where there is maybe a bit more creative risk. And as we are generally a smaller production, we can try to take the opportunities. I think YAGER sees itself as a studio that wants to innovate,” said Lindsay.

The partnership with Tencent has certainly helped, allowing the developers “to take the right amount of risk” while also connecting YAGER with other studios under the umbrella for shared knowledge in the multiplayer shooter space. It is still early days for The Cycle: Frontier, but the pedigree of the folks at YAGER points towards a bright future not just on Fortuna III, but for everyone working on the game as well.

A Secure and Frictionless Unified Account System

With players having plenty of choices in the gaming market, enhancing the accessibility and security of their gaming experience is an important step to take for everyone in the gaming industry, including Level Infinite. To make players’ gaming lives that much easier, the rollout of the LEVEL INFINITE PASS will help ensure that next level gaming is already possible today.

The LEVEL INFINITE PASS is an account system that allows global gamers to unify their Level Infinite games’ accounts securely under one integrated account. Through it, we will simplify gamers’ login experience, and provide an even greater level of security and better user support. Level Infinite games have already started transitioning to the system, so players can expect to experience the new account system and its perks soon.


So what are the benefits of using this new system? Let’s dive right in:

Account management:

Enjoy a unified accounts experience through LEVEL INFINITE PASS, which will enable players to use only one login and have immediate access to all available Level Infinite games’ accounts. Players will have a shorter registration and login process, and will be able to log in seamlessly to new Level Infinite games as they become available.

Account recovery:

Easily recover accounts through the LEVEL INFINITE PASS verification process. All accounts under the system will be protected and retrievable.

Efficient user support:

Get timely responses from customer service when inquiring about account issues. As there will be no scrambling for information stored in third-party accounts, we will be able to provide quick, personalized, and accurate support.

In-game rewards:

Unlock exclusive in-game content when registering accounts through LEVEL INFINITE PASS.

These are just some of the benefits users can expect by integrating current and future gaming accounts under the LEVEL INFINITE PASS. And it will only get better as a range of new services rolls out in the future. Gamers who already enjoy Level Infinite games, be sure to register for the new account system on the next login!

Gamers who have not yet tried Level Infinite games, it’s never too late. Sign up and enjoy infinite gaming today.

For more information, please check out the LEVEL INFINITE PASS FAQ.

As the game industry’s premier professional event, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) offers a platform for the game development community to share ideas and insights across a whole host of topics. For Tencent Games Global CEO Michelle Liu, it was also a chance to be part of the Women Impact Tech Conference that ran concurrently with GDC.

With over 20 years in the gaming sector, Liu’s experience has given her a unique perspective and valuable insights. Discovering her true passion for the medium by chance, the increasing potential of games to deliver positive impact and values to communities became increasingly clear to Liu and is a movement that points towards impending change.

“Sometimes, this job can also be very challenging because the world of gaming is changing and expanding. Our gamers expect us to break the mold and find new ways to deliver personalized gaming experiences. Their ever-changing needs drive us to break the old barriers impeding connections and self-expression,” said Liu.

Transformative “Games as a Service”

One of those ways is Games as a Service (GaaS), a business model that’s growing in popularity. It sees titles regularly delivering value to users with new and updated content, meeting their needs with the evolution of the game.

The digitalization of the world has created a new generation of players who are no longer satisfied with the norm. Instead, they possess a “strong desire for self-expression” which means “games can no longer be close-ended, one-off, fixed experiences with no way to form connections with others,” Liu said.

GaaS effectively serves players and creates a long-lasting impact due to three important factors, she said. As a start, GaaS pulls in those who otherwise might not even be gamers, bridging the gap between PC, console and mobile players, thanks to cross-platform playability. 

Michelle Liu GDC 2023

“Games like Genshin Impact, which offers close to 30 hours of free, premium content across PC, console and mobile, is an example of how combining free-to-play with cross-platform functionality can help expand the player base and earn universal acclaim,” Liu added.

Furthermore, GaaS has changed the way players engage in games. Rather than being restricted to a linear progression, games under this model “tend to be open-ended, moddable, with dynamic narratives, and constantly updated with new content.” In fact, players are often encouraged to create, leading to user-generated content that further joins the community and developers. 

Lastly, the social elements of the GaaS model make it easier for players to connect with one another and form relationships centered around the enjoyment of a game. 

“Today, socializing offline can be increasingly difficult, yet people still crave social contact. Live-service games offer a pressure-free virtual place, where ‘genuine relationships can flourish.”

At Tencent Games, GaaS has become an important part of the company’s DNA, and over the years, the teams working on titles have been gaining valuable experience, which has been applied in different ways to push for positive evolution. 

Harnessing the Potential

Liu pointed to PUBG MOBILE, a global phenomenon that has united players from all over the world across all platforms, and Honor of Kings, the world’s most-played multiplayer online battle arena game.

Both titles are free-to-play and fit the GaaS model to a “T.” The former is a battle royale game that has reached 50 million peak daily active players globally, “creating a rich and diverse experience for everyone.” The latter is an online battle arena mobile game, offering optimized controls, focused maps, and shorter playtimes that suit mobile gamers.

Essentially, both games have helped tremendously in changing the perception of mobile gaming, and to some extent, GaaS, as titles that pale in comparison to the traditional AAA product. Here are two games that are constantly kept fresh with new content, incorporating player feedback, and continue to evolve in order to keep up.


The success of both PUBG MOBILE and Honor of Kings is only the beginning, with Liu keen to share more about the possibilities.

“The gaming industry has always been the most-active industry in the application and promotion of cutting-edge technology. Apart from developing games for high-quality interactive entertainment, Tencent Games also actively develops games for social good by working with the scientific, educational and cultural sectors,” Liu said.

Games like Blue Bridge Café, which educates about AIDS prevention and control, Tumor Doctor, which provides a simulation of treating tumor with useful knowledge, and Seeing, which helps players to understand the challenges faced by the blind population, are representative of further application of the GaaS model.

Using games as a vehicle to generate positive impact on society and create a better future for the next generation is a notion many can get behind, and for Liu and Tencent Games Global, it is exactly the objective for the future.

“Looking ahead, while Tencent Games continues to create more possibilities for the gaming industry as a whole, it will also focus on Tencent group’s mission and vision – “Value for Users, Tech for Good” through its commitment to corporate social responsibility,” Liu said.

Brazil is the first country to get the full international release of the world’s most-played mobile MOBA

Honor of Kings has been officially launched in Brazil today, and Brazilian players are now able to download the game from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store for Android, and Samsung Store to experience the world’s most-played mobile MOBA and team up with friends.

Honor of Kings Brazil

The 5v5 mobile MOBA from Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group has been designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate competitive experience on mobile for all players. The game offers an intense, fast-paced and high-quality MOBA experience without sacrificing strategic battles and fierce team fights. With years of dedicated work and refinements, TiMi Studio Group aims to provide every Brazilian fan with the most fulfilling, exciting and balanced mobile competitive experience with Honor of Kings.

Right at launch, Brazilian players can enjoy a fully localized experience, with all text, UI, plus voiceover for all Heroes and their skins in Brazilian Portuguese. Furthermore, prominent voice actors well-known for voicing iconic characters lent their talent to Honor of Kings. These include Wendel Bezerra, best known for his role as Goku from Dragon Ball Z, voicing Wukong; Kacau Gomes, the actress who dubbed Disney’s Mulan, taking on the role of Mulan; and Letícia Quinto, who voiced Saori Kido in the Saint Seiya anime, voicing Athena in the game. By bringing voices that are well recognized by Brazilian fans, Level Infinite and TiMi aim to show their appreciation of Brazilian culture and better immerse fans in the world of Honor of Kings.

Players will also have access to all game modes, such as 5v5 Matchmaking, 5v5 Quick Mode, 5v5 Ranked Match, 1v1 Solo Mode, plus a brand new Casual Mode, the Infinite Brawl, where buffs are randomly given to Heroes to provide an even more fun and fast-paced competitive experience. Players will be able to choose from a selection of nearly 60 unique Heroes, each with their own signature skills to unleash, stunning skins to unlock, and legendary stories to explore. More Heroes will be added to the roster regularly. In addition, Heroes have been given nicknames to help local players better understand the Heroes and their impact in battles, and the development team is looking out for feedback and suggestions from fans on this.

To celebrate the launch, Level Infinite and TiMi Studio Group are kicking off a series of events giving away tons of rewards to Brazilian fans. These include the Honor of Kings LOTERIA DE R$ 1.000.000, which has already started on Mar. 7 and lasts till Mar. 26, featuring a R$ 1.000.000 value prize pool to reward fans, and the chance to win a JEEP Compass car, Honda motorcycles, and a myriad of other prizes including in-game and out-game rewards. Fans can now join the event together with their friends via their mobile devices by accessing the event page.

Honor of Kings LOTERIA DE

Furthermore, the Honor of Kings Festival da Honra is taking place on March 12 with livestreams on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Influencers from various competitive scenes in Brazil, including Paulinho O Loko, Cerol, Enaldinho, Lipão, Boca de 09, Jon Vlogs, Rakin, LOUD_Thaiga, Diana Zambrozuski, and Lucas Clash ON, will be split into two teams to participate in epic 5v5 battles. Plenty of rewards, including POCO X5 smartphones, in-game permanent heroes and skins and many more will be given out during the livestream. Mark your calendar and celebrate the launch with us.

Honor of Kings Festival da Honra

For more information about the launch or to provide feedback, please visit the official Honor of Kings website or follow the game on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

All in a day’s work

Every day, Tower of Fantasy offers fresh activities that deliver new challenges and rewards to help grow your character, follow this daily checklist to ensure every trip to Aida gets off to a flying start.


The Must-Do Daily Checklist in Tower of Fantasy

Open the Adventure tab by clicking on the crossed swords icon in the top right of the screen. In the Recommended section, you can sign in and grab a small reward. This can be done once a day, every day.

Daily Supply Box

The Must-Do Daily Checklist in Tower of Fantasy

Hit up the Shop screen, then click through to the Daily Supply Box section. While the listed supply boxes can be purchased with Tanium, one supply box can be claimed each day for free. Click on the box icon just below Mia to pocket your reward as part of your daily checklist in Tower of Fantasy.

Mia’s Kitchen

Return to the Recommended section of the Adventure tab to find Mia’s kitchen. Here she’ll be only too happy to cook some food for you that will boost your abilities for the duration of the day. She can only cook three times per day at certain times, so be sure to eat when you can.

Daily Bounties

Back in the Adventure tab is the list of daily bounties. These four tasks typically require a specific enemy to be defeated or a certain number of items to be collected. Follow the convenient map markers to each, and completing all four bounties should only take around 10-15 minutes. 

Note that the daily bounties are only unlocked once the first chapter of the story has been completed, so come back often as part of your daily checklist in Tower of Fantasy.

Hopkins’ Gift

Hopkins hangs out in the Black Market, and once a day, he will have a new gift for players to collect. Next to him are two crates labelled with question marks; pick one, and its contents are revealed. Hopkins’ gifts often contain special items to give to a Simulacrum, making his shady corner of the world a must-visit when seeking to awaken their full potential.

Claw Machine

On Cetus Island, there is a claw machine, and it’s possible to play it up to three times a day. Use the arrows to position the claw, then hit the button to let it descend and try to grab an item in its precarious grip. This is a great way to obtain some of the rarer special items to gift to a Simulacrum.

For players entering Haven with freshly plundered Nerva, they might have noticed that things seem a little different nowadays. Even with the end of civilization, there is still plenty of time to engage in some festive fun. Introducing the first-ever SYNCED in-game event in the form of Holiday in Haven, which is the best chance for players to grab some exclusive festive gifts that will carry over to the full release when the game launches.

Live from Dec. 22 to Jan. 6, the makeshift halls of Haven will be full of celebratory decorations and more for players to hunt down during their time in SYNCED. This includes all sorts of mysterious gift boxes that are scattered across the Meridian. Crack them open and claim the delicious Holiday Candy within, and with enough candy, players can exchange their haul for some truly outlandish SYNCED rewards during Holiday in Haven.

Once those pockets are filled to the brim with Holiday Candy, it is time to cash in for some weird and wonderful items at the Event Reward Center. Character outfits, weapon skins, and even the Nanos are all part of the event, so it will be up to players to decide how they want things to look during this season.

Holiday in Haven Brings Festive Cheer To Synced

In addition, these unique rewards are permanent, so players can keep that festive spirit in SYNCED even when the game is fully launched. Be sure to plan out the best strategy to obtain said Holiday Candy, and get those rewards before the event ends on Jan. 6.

Working together as a team is a critical part of being a good Warhammer 40,000: Darktide player. Here’s how to be the best teammate amid the chaos when Tertium calls next.

Let’s Stick Together

One of the core mechanics in Darktide is Coherency. When players stay close to each other, they boost the team’s Coherency. This leads to significant perks such as boosting Toughness. Toughness helps absorbs damage before health takes a hit, the Toughness bar will regenerate, but the rate is faster when Coherency is higher. 

Coherency also extends to other boosts and passive buffs that vary depending on the character class. For example, Psykers in Coherency can confer damage bonuses to teammates or receive a chance to regain a warp charge. Meanwhile, the Veteran and their allies in Coherency gain ammo upon killing a special enemy in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

Special enemies are also more likely to target separated players. This is particularly crucial when playing as the Veteran class. While players can exploit the Sharpshooter’s skill at downing enemies over long range, this makes them a prime target for specials. Worse, teammates will only sometimes be able to come to the rescue when a Trapper targets allies on higher ground.

Keep It Classy

Each of the four classes in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide have its distinct advantages, and understanding the specific role of each class is massively important for effective teamwork.

Veterans should prioritize enemy snipers or anything the other players can’t immediately reach. In addition to being the team’s tank, Ogryns are the only class whose movement speed isn’t affected when carrying items. Zealots should focus on crowd-control in melee, while Psykers are most effective when using their most potent warp attacks for single targets such as bosses and special enemies.

Chaos Undivided - How Teamwork is Crucial in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

Don’t Be Wasteful

Ammo is scarce, so it’s a good idea to save it for situations like blasting the weak point on a special enemy. Switching to a melee weapon to do most of the fighting will save ammo and usually be more effective in terms of overall damage. While effective at clearing crowds, Grenades are typically best kept in reserve for boss fights in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

It’s always helpful to know how much ammo teammates have left. A quick glance at their character portraits will help; if their ammo icon is white, they’re full; if it’s red, they’re all out; and if it’s yellow or orange, they’re in-between.

Down But Not Out

It’s tempting to rush in to revive a fallen teammate, but make sure it’s safe. If they’re still affected by goo – or on fire – the rescuer will find themselves similarly afflicted. Wait until the effect has passed, and then head over to lend them a helping hand.

If a Trapper has netted a teammate, it’s usually best to free them first and then focus on the Trapper. Getting a teammate back up and into the action is the priority. The Trapper will be easier to handle with the squad operating at full capacity.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is now available on both Steam and Xbox consoles.

Starting in October and stretching to November, Level Infinite opened its doors to students around the world via the Level Infinite Open Course, a series of online learning experiences chaired by subject matter experts that provided valuable insights into the gaming industry.

The event attracted over 1,000 eager participants from seven different continents, with over 450 universities represented by their students in the course. In total, the course consisted of a student population of which 53% were from Asia, 27% from North America, and 7% from Europe. Over 96% of participants provided favorable feedback for the four different courses, covering the areas of video game operations, marketing, publishing, and the production process, together with tips on building a good skill set and future career development.

With Level Infinite committed to ushering in the next generation of game-changing creators and leaders, the organization is happy to share the video recaps of the entire Level Infinite Open Course curriculum below:

Level Infinite Open Course

The Many Doorways into the Gaming Industry

Effective Marketing Strategy for the North American Game Industry

Level Infinite and the North American Market

Level Infinite Games – An Introduction to Western Europe

Metal: Hellsinger, the award-winning rhythm shooter from developer The Outsiders and publisher Funcom, cranks the volume to the max with a brand-new update. The 1.5 patch adds a new top difficulty — Archdevil — and gives players weapon skins to unlock and combos to master.

Metal Hellsinger Rocks Out to New 1.5 Update With More Content

Archdevil is the fourth and highest difficulty after Lamb, Goat, and Beast. It pushes the player to the limit, with more and stronger demons coming at them, including a new Elite Seraph demon that has also been added to the game. To aid the player, there are new combos, and when performing certain actions on consecutive beats — such as killing an enemy, soaring, then killing another — players will be awarded additional fury and a higher score.

Players are also invited to rediscover each map in order to find Coats of Arms Collectibles. Each level contains one hidden Coat of Arms at each difficulty, including Archdevil. Collect them to earn new weapon skins at certain thresholds and complete the whole set. The update also includes a long list of bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, balancing, and performance optimization. The full patch notes can be discovered on the game’s official forums.

Additionally, Funcom and The Outsiders are excited to announce that Metal: Hellsinger is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making the Eight Hells more accessible than ever.

With a 98% overwhelmingly positive Steam score, a Golden Joystick Award for Best Audio, a Best Music and Score nomination from The Game Awards, and the update, Metal: Hellsinger has a lot to celebrate. To thank all the players who voted for them and played the game, The Outsiders and Funcom have prepared a free digital artbook, available in-game for all players right now.

Nightingale isn’t due out until next year, but it’s already captivating people who’ve seen it in action. And no wonder. We chat with Inflexion Games, the group of former BioWare developers who set out to create this Gaslamp Fairy Tale that’s as wondrous as it is dangerous. They explain their inspirations, the horrors of their open world, and how survival, crafting, and PvE are the engines that drive it.

In Nightingale, players are scattered between magic realms full of fantastical creatures and dangers. Learn how to craft, survive and traverse through the portals to go home. In this procedurally generated game, there will always be something new to discover. Come together in this shared-world experience, find a community of Realmwalkers, share your build, and discover the amazing visuals.

An exciting sneak peek at the epic scale of Arrakis in the Dune open world survival MMO

Following the reveal at Gamescom 2022, Funcom has unveiled the first pre-alpha footage of Dune: Awakening, their ambitious open-world survival MMO. Inspired by the sci-fi masterpiece Dune written by Frank Herbert and Legendary Entertainment’s award-winning blockbuster film from Denis Villeneuve, Dune: Awakening is built with both Dune and survival fans in mind by the veteran developers at Funcom.

Having innovated in the massively multiplayer and survival genres for over two decades, most recently with Conan Exiles, Dune: Awakening builds upon this strong foundation of Funcom, weaving together open-world survival and MMO aspects into a Dune tapestry that brings Frank Herbert’s epic universe to life in a completely unique way. Following this gameplay teaser, interested players can also head to the official Dune: Awakening website, which has been updated with a panoramic view of the player experience.

In Dune: Awakening, each player strives to survive the countless dangers of Arrakis alongside thousands of other players. Explore the potential roles and identities while experiencing an epic personal journey, from searching for water and building shelters against storms to controlling the flow of spice as part of the top echelons of the planet.

Funcom Debuts First In-Game Look at Dune: Awakening for The Game Awards 2022

Spice lies at the center of conflict, advancement, and power in Dune: Awakening. Where spice blows appear, players converge. Fights can range from quick skirmishes to large-scale battles with infantry, ground vehicles, and ornithopters each providing unique gameplay and benefits.

The deserts hold a multitude of choices to make and paths to discover. Jump into an ornithopter to scout the deep deserts; equip advanced armor and weaponry to become a deadly mercenary; execute an efficient spice harvesting operation; gain influence among Great Houses — the choice is yours to make.

Dune: Awakening ornithopters

“Working with a universe as rich and expansive as Dune is the perfect fit for Funcom’s drive to create compelling multiplayer open worlds. With Dune: Awakening, we’re trying to push the boundaries of what people expect in the survival space – and I can’t wait until we can get it into the hands of our players,” said Joel Bylos, Chief Creative Officer at Funcom and Creative Director of Dune: Awakening.

“We are thrilled to bring the Dune universe to life in such an immersive and interactive way.  The depth and detail Funcom is bringing to the Dune: Awakening PC and console experience is astonishing and we can’t wait for fans of Dune and survival games to join us on Arrakis and try their hand at surviving the most dangerous planet in the universe,” added Sam Rappaport, VP, Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment.

Dune: Awakening Overview:

Your Dune — Your Journey

Dune: Awakening sandworms
  • An Open World Survival MMO
    Rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players. Dune: Awakening combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of a large, persistent multiplayer game to create a unique and ambitious open-world survival MMO.
  • Awaken The Sleeper
    The journey begins on Arrakis, alone on the deadliest planet in the universe. Follow a personal story throughout Dune – meeting characters from the movies and books. Discover new allies and enemies and exploit relationships to uncover the mystery that lies just beneath the surface of the sands.
  • Choose Your Identity
    Craft an identity and build up prowess, from deep character creation to skills and abilities that develop with more use. Declare loyalties by attire and become known by deeds, whether as a specialized master or multi-talented adept in Dune: Awakening.

A Vast, Deadly Arrakis

Dune: Awakening Base building
  • Explore Arrakis Like Never Before
    Dune: Awakening brings the epic landscapes of Arrakis to vivid life. Explore deep canyons pockmarked with caves, ancient underground Ecology Labs, boundless rolling dunes, and beyond. Wander the bustling villages before braving the lawless and ever-changing deep desert, where bandits seek easy prey.
  • An Ever-Changing World
    Beyond The Shield Wall, massive Coriolis storms regularly alter the landscape and uncover new secrets, from valuable natural resources to crashed ships and ancient testing stations. When the dust settles, the race is on. Scout the fresh new land and uncover the secrets of the sands.    
  • Survive the Deadliest Planet in the Universe
    On Arrakis, water is life. Learn to find it and exercise water discipline by maintaining the stillsuit. Choose where to craft and develop a shelter to survive sun and sandstorms. Weigh each step in the open desert against the risk of sandworms.    

Battle for Dominance

  • Combined Arms
    Engage in epic 3rd person combat, from deadly ambushes to massive organic battles, with fast-paced interplay between infantry, ground, and flying vehicles. Utilize everything in the arsenal, from Holtzman gadgets to an array of ranged firearms. Stretch the limits of human potential using melee techniques and other abilities taught by the Great Schools of the Imperium in Dune: Awakening.
  • Control the Spice
    Search the deserts for massive spice blows to harvest the most valuable resource in the universe. Gather players for a foray into the deep desert or scavenge what you can on the sidelines. Sell spice on the exchange or consume it to expand potential at the cost of addiction.  
  • Control Arrakis
    Create a guild and grow it into a House Minor by allying with one of the Great Houses. Rise above rivals and assert economic dominance by controlling valuable resources. Like the sands, power is ever-shifting.

A Path to Prosperity

  • From Shelter to Fortress
    Create a base, choosing each building piece from a range of distinct styles. Find solid rock away from roaming sandworms and raise temporary outposts for interests beyond The Shield Wall.
  • Craft Your Way to the Top
    Craft weapons, armor, vehicles, attachments, modifications, and much more. Hone crafting skills and acquire the rarest schematics. Creating an efficient harvesting operation and chain of production to make it big on the exchange will grant wealth and power but also bring powerful enemies.

Dune: Awakening will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. In the months following the gameplay teaser, each aspect of the game will begin to be covered in depth, giving players a full understanding of the game before it enters its Beta. Eager players can sign up right now at and wishlist the game on Steam.

Inflexion Games reveals gliding, caves and new creatures for its shared-world survival crafting title

Inflexion Games shared the latest look at its upcoming shared-world survival-crafting game, Nightingale, at The Game Awards 2022. Presented in partnership with Intel, the latest trailer takes players inside the Realmwalker’s Journey, showcasing what drives players to survive the Realms, evolve their skills, and overcome the many perilous challenges of the Fae Realms to rebuild the remnants of humanity.

Some of the new features detailed in the trailer include:

  • Caves: Lying in the subterranean depths of the Realms, exploring these caves leads to a host of discoveries and danger
  • Gliding: Use a magical umbrella and glide across the skies of the Fae Realms, allowing players to travel quickly, search with a bird’s-eye view, and avoid or, in more dire circumstances, outrun the dangers lurking in the Realms
  • New creatures: Some of the deadly creatures that you’ll face include Giants, Elder Eotens, and fire-spitting Bound – each presenting a daunting challenge to any Realmwalkers who cross their path

A trailer breakdown together with Inflexion Art Director Neil Thompson is also available, with more details and insights about how the team brought Nightingale together and what players can expect following The Game Awards trailer.

Nightingale is currently in development for Early Access PC release in 2023. Interested players can now wishlist Nightingale on Steam and Epic Games Store as well as register for future updates and playtests at

As one of the more highly anticipated open-world survival crafting experiences expected in 2023, Inflexion GamesNightingale has continued to maintain an air of mystery about what players can expect. However, the team has decided to pull back the curtain a bit during The Game Awards 2022, debuting a trailer with more gameplay and world-building details. 

To help us make sense of it all, Neil Thompson, the Art Director of Inflexion, shared important details and significant learnings that can be gleaned from this latest teaser. 

Nightingale is a fantastical adventure full of history and a fair share of secrets, with both humanity and the Fae as critical parts of that story. 

“We wanted to show more gameplay, what players would actually be doing moment to moment in Nightingale, and this year was an opportunity not only to show more gameplay, but also to reveal some of the new things that you can do within the game,” said Thompson.

The trailer starts by showing Realmwalker in his element, exploring parts unknown, while the sentient tree-like Eoten goes about its business. Many of the flora and fauna in Nightingale have a life of their own, and it is up to the player to decide whether to approach peacefully and crank up the aggressiveness. There are always rewards to gain, but also a potentially hefty price to pay.

The trailer cuts to the inside of a foreboding temple structure, its darkness illuminated by the torch that the Realmwalker now holds in a first-person view that players can come to expect during their time in the game. From the darkness steps out a minion of the Fae, a member of the Bound faction known as the Firespitter, spewing all of its hate and disdain for humanity. 

“They are always aggressive towards humans; there is no bargaining with the Bound, and they are just hellbent on doing you harm in any realm. They also spawn when you’re trying to open portals as well. We have this idea that they’re kind of in the interstitials between realms and as you try and open these portals to gain access to new realms, the Bound will come and try and prevent that.”

While the creature certainly resembles humanoids, the origin story of the Bound makes for some interesting insights into the workings of Inflexion. They started off as human prisoners “that were taken by the Fae and compelled to kill all other humans essentially.” The team felt it was too dark a premise and went against the good fun players will experience in Nightingale, said Thompson.

Instead, positioning the Bound as magical entities born out of vats freed Inflexion from the restrictions of the human form. Now, they can “play with scale” and “expand the palette” to create all sorts of enemies, even if some of them still retain an “almost ceremonial aspect” from their original roots.

Although just armed with a hammer, the Realmwalker is able to beat back the onrushing foes with some magical help, the first time the studio has shown off how tools can be enhanced by such forces. It is helpful to have tools that can aid in construction, but also as defensive armaments.

It isn’t reserved for the aspect of combat either, with the umbrella acting both as a shield against rain and also a great tool for gliding when jumping from heights, a significant moment towards the conclusion of the Nightingale trailer.  

As for the Fae, their presence can be felt not just in the danger they pose, but also in the many portals that have been left behind. 

Nightingale The Game Awards 2022

“The reason humans can go through portals is that they’ve learned to embrace the use of Realm Cards. All portals in the world are Fae by nature; they’re not built by humans.”

Every time Realm Cards are used, Realmwalkers get transported to a procedurally generated world full of surprises and change. Even when using the same group of Realm Cards, the system built by Inflexion will ensure that players will “never get the same result twice.”

Yet, not all Fae are hostile in Nightingale, with Puck being a great example, as seen in the trailer. While “his motivations are impossible to understand,” it would be wise to see past the aid and rewards provided by such a being, who also happens to be narrating the entire showing.

And right on cue, we are treated to a variety of biomes and creatures that could be the next port of call for eager Realmwalkers, each providing different challenges and opportunities. Of it all, two of the standout creatures are the Carnute and the Harpy. 

The former acts as a sort of ecological guardian; should players go around killing wildlife wantonly, it will arrive on the scene and attack, resurrecting creatures along the way. And as Thompson warns, “if you play in harmony with the world, the world will not push back. But if you choose the more violent route, then get ready.”

As for the latter, the team drew inspiration from the Guillermo del Toro film, Mimic, as its basis. A creature that can disguise itself by “bringing the wings around and putting its head down” to almost look human, it is not only a danger in the swamps it calls home but also to settlements, where it loves to steal stuff and hoard it all back at the lair. 

Speaking of settlements, Nightingale will have plenty of room for customization, whether for the architecture side of things through different tilesets or on a character basis, with gear and equipment.

“Buildings are very much at the heart of Nightingale and a demonstration of your creativity. But also when you’re further out in the realms, you can use it for strategic purposes,” Thompson said.

Nightingale The Game Awards 2022

Unfavorable terrain can be overcome with the right tools or with smart planning, and strategic building can make it easier to take on creatures of immense power like the apex creature, Ishmael, who makes an appearance towards the end of the trailer. Beyond just utility and safety, buildings can fundamentally change how players handle a certain realm.

All of the amazing things in Nightingale will be helped by the visual fidelity made possible both through a partnership with Intel as well as the use of Unreal Engine 5. When the aim is to immerse players in fantasy worlds fully, every bit helps.

“It’s a great thing for us, in terms of trying to produce a mysterious and fantastical aesthetic, because there’s a subtlety that’s required with the lighting because we’re doing a lot of atmospheric perspectives, exotic lighting and visual environments; it’s phenomenal.”

Needless to say, the anticipation for the game will only increase following The Game Awards 2022, and it would make perfect sense. While the game is still some time away, the hope is that Inflexion continues to refine what already looks impressive, and deliver the ultimate survival experience whenever it launches.

Press Release: PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s biggest mobile games, is pleased to announce a total overhaul of a fan-favourite mode with the Official Aftermath Mode, packed with an assortment of new features and upgrades.

Get ready for a new and improved Aftermath! This revision of the iconic mode includes an upgrade to armor which introduces a vest containing armor slots, plus the unique ability to upgrade firearms from new upgrade crates. Players can now benefit from a system upgrade that allows Health to recover quickly after heavy damage and retain Energy without it dropping over time. First aid kits and energy drinks have been added to replenish health and energy while on the move, with healing no longer capped when using them. Medicine cabinets can also be found mounted on walls to provide players with further healing options.

Aftermath also introduces eight new bunkers and four guard posts – stocked with supplies but heavily guarded – and treasure maps to follow to hidden crates, as well as randomly spawning Semi-trucks. But beware, players using Recall Towers now broadcast their location to other players, meaning some serious defending will be necessary!

The Official Aftermath Mode tremendously expands the strategy and depth of gameplay, granting players more methods to reach victory in the mode than ever before.

Players can drop into the Official Aftermath Mode now as part of PUBG MOBILE’s Version 2.3 Update! Download PUBG MOBILE to play for free on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

It’s gift-giving season all year round in Tower Of Fantasy, allowing players to strengthen the bond of affection and unlock new abilities.

Gift-giving is part of the Awakening system in Tower Of Fantasy. Essentially, it helps achieve the full potential of each character. Each gift a character receives will add points to their Awakening and unlock new dialogue and character traits at certain thresholds at 600, 1200, and 4000 points.

Present & Correct A Guide to Giving Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

Where to Get Gifts

Tracking down the right gifts can be done by completing quests or by purchasing them from the Points Store, the Crystal Dust Store and several vendors throughout the world.

The Points Store in the Commissary is the best destination for gift shopping. Here players can spend the points earned at the training centre to buy three rarities of gifts: Special (purple), Fine (blue) and Small (green). The higher the price, the better the return. 

That said, there are also other avenues for last-minute shopping. The Crystal Dust Store sells Special and Fine gifts in exchange for energy crystal dust accumulated via expending Vitality. Claude, the Banges Item Vendor will sell a limited number of Small gifts each week in exchange for gold. There’s also the claw machine at the amusement park on Cetus Island which can net players Small gifts.

Present & Correct A Guide to Giving Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

The Right Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

Every character will have a preference for a particular type of gift. Meryl, for example, loves Metalware and Rare Items while Samir is keen on Games and Toys. Consult the information below to make gift-giving in Tower of Fantasy more efficient:

  • Bai Ling: Collectibles, Decorations, Rare Items
  • Coco Ritter: Decorations, Rare Items, Toys
  • Crow: Everyday Items, Figurines, Limited Edition
  • Echo: Everyday Items, Games, Limited Edition
  • Ene: Decorations, Games, Toys
  • Hilda: Figurines, Limited Edition, Toys
  • Huma: Decorations, Everyday Items, Games
  • King: Collectibles, Limited Edition, Rare Items
  • Meryl: Metalware, Rare Items
  • Nemesis: Decorations, Everyday Items, Toys
  • Pepper: Collectibles, Decorations, Everyday Items
  • Samir: Games, Toys
  • Shiro: Collectibles, Metalware, Rare Items
  • Tsubasa: Figurines, Limited Edition, Rare Items
  • Zero: Games, Limited Edition

For players seeking the highest possible return of 80 Awakening points in Tower of Fantasy, these are the ideal gifts for each character:

  • Bai Ling: Snow Globe, Warren Fossil
  • Cocoritter: Snow Globe
  • Crow: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine
  • Echo: Aida Comic, New Game Console
  • Ene: N/A
  • Hilda: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine.
  • Huma: Angela Ornament
  • King: Crown Token
  • Meryl: Warren Fossil
  • Nemesis: Angela Ornament, Warren Fossil
  • Pepper: Angela Ornament
  • Samir: N/A
  • Shiro: Silver Cookware, Warren Fossil
  • Tsubasa: Aida Comic, Limited Tata Figurine, Void Angel Figurine
  • Zero: New Game Console, New Game Console

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile.

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